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Akyerema Foundation

Akyerema Foundation

Akyerema Foundation is the brain child of three old students (Prof. Yaw Nyarko, Mr. Boakye Danso and Mr. Roland Akosah) of Tweneboa Kodua Senior High School in Kumawu who in diverse ways have supported their alma mater. It was formed to serve as a structured organisation that these old sudents could raise funds to support the school. The foundation has focused on both infrastractural/resource support as well as programme support. 

The foundation seeks to encourage charitable giving among Akyrema (Past sudents of Tweneboa Kodua Senior High School) and as such invites all Akyerema to join the foundation to give back to the school and make a significant impact in the lives of the present and future Akyerema.


How you can help?

These are a number of challenges that Tweneboa Kodua Senior High School contends with. Especially in the area of Infrastructure and programms support. Your donation towards the mitigation of any of the below listed challenges and areas of need. Simply send an email to info@akyeremafoundation.com and we will be happy to engage with you on how best to support our mission in transforming our school.

A. Infrastructural

  1. Inadequate dormitories (boys and girls)
  2. Dilapidated buildings and facilities.
  3. Dining hall needs expansion.
  4. Inadequate dining tables and benches
  5. Inadequate classrooms
  6. Inadequate toilet facilities for boys
  7. Houses 2 and 4 need bathroom and toilet facilities.
  8. Shortage of furniture for classrooms and library.
  9. Building facilities need painting
  10. Uncompletion of renovation of old science resource center
  11. Insufficient bungalows for both teaching and non-teaching staff
  12. Master’s bungalows not connected to water facility    

B. Areas of Need

  1. About 1000 pieces of student’s mono-desk needed
  2. Renovation of headmaster’s bungalow
  3. Construction of bathroom and toilet facility for houses 4 and 2
  4. Connecting water to the master’s bungalows
  5. Connecting water to the science laboratory
  6. Building bungalows for teaching and non-teaching staff
  7. Construction of sport complex   


We are interested in the creation of  mentorship programs to inspire students to reach for greatness. In this light we welcome you volunteered time towards teaching, mentorship and the coordination or facilitating extra-curricular programs. Send an email to info@akyeremafoundation.com and we will be happy to tell you more about how you can help.

Help and Support

As a charitable organisation whose interest is in education, we  appeal to Individuals and organisations to support us through donations, both in cash and in kind towards the completion of the various projects initiated by the organisation.  You can also adopt any of the projects (areas of need) for Tweneboa Kodua Senior High School and through the foundation we can channel your donations towards that project.

Impact for everyone

Akyerema Foundation recognises the contributions of everyone as very important, it does not matter how small it is, it will be put to good use to develop the Tweneboa Kodua Senior High School, in rural Ghana. We appeal to Institutions, Organisations and Individuls to support this worthy course. Your contributions will go a long way to improve teaching and learning for generations of Tweneboa Kodua Senior High School in Kumawu.